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Weldwell- Nivek has organised itself in three verticals to serve the exacting needs of our customers. We are pleased to share herewith a brief of our product range and associated Principals who are pioneer in their respective area:

Welding Consumables

Special Metals Welding Products, USA :

Inventor of INCONEL Products, world leaders in Nickel & Nickel Alloy filler wires and SMAW consumables, SAW consumables and strip cladding strip and flux.

Kobelco Welding (Kobe Steel Ltd., Japan) :

Forerunner in Heat-Resistant / Low-Alloy / Cr-Mo filler wires and SMAW consumables. Also take note of Non-Purging SS filler consumables that are available for root run application.

Taseto, Japan :

Forerunner in Heat-Resistant / Low-Alloy / Cr-Mo filler wires and Complete range of Stainless-Steel Flux-cored wires and SS Flux coated TIG wire meant for non-purging root run application.

Ampco Metal, USA :

More than a century old organisation, Pioneers in welding consumables for Copper and Copper alloys.

EXATON (formerly known as Sandvik, Sweden) :

Leading manufacturer of the entire range of Stainless-Steel consumables, especially Duplex, Super Duplex, Hyper Duplex and other special stainless-steel grades.

I.A. Barnes & Company, UK :

Entire range of low alloy, Cr-Mo and stainless-steel solid wires and high tensile wire.

Alunox, Germany :

Filler wires for Aluminium and its Alloys and Titanium alloys.

Beijing Metals, China :

Filler wires for various Titanium alloys, Zirconium wire and Cobalt Alloy hard facing consumables.

Welding and Cutting Equipment & Accessories

Kemppi, Finland :

Arc Welding Equipment

Panasonic, Japan :

Arc Welding Equipment

Hypertherm, USA :

Air Plasma Cutting Systems

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, UK :

Purging Accessories and Trailing Shields

Thermal Spray Products

SentesBir, Turkey :

A world leader in thermal powders of nickel and cobalt which find applications across the industry.

Powder Alloys Corporation, USA :

Produces a wide range of thermal spray powders of superalloys, carbides, ceramics and cermets.