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Process AWS Classification Mf Brand Recommended Applications
(Al 99.7)
IM Imported Welding of pure Aluminium used in automotive industry, construction,
plumbing and vessels. Suitable for 1050 and 1070
ER 4043
IM Imported Welding of matching 5% Si chemistry material used for corrosion resistant applications
ER 4047/ (Al.Si12) IM Imported This material is good for brazing aluminium sheets, for extrusions and castings.
ER 5356
IM Imported Welding of Al 5% Mg alloys used in automotive industry. Ship Building,
Containers and building industry
ER 5183 (Al.Mg.4.5Mn) IM Imported Suitable for welding of base metals like 5083, 5456 etc., applicable for aluminium based alloyed used for elevated temperature applications.
ER 5554
IM Imported The alloy AlMg.2,7Mn has been developed for high temperature applications without becoming sensitive to stress corrosion.
ER 5754 (Al.Mg3) IM Imported Finds applications in the construction sector for corrosion-resistance and excellent colour-uniformity after anodizing.
ER5556 (Al.Mg.5Mn) IM Imported Welding of aluminium magnesium base metal alloys of 5% Mg used in military
industry, general constructions and structural industry.
ER 2319
IM Imported Heat treatable alloy produces higher strength and ductility for welding 2014, 2036, 2219 and Al-Cu castings that need to be post weld heat-treated.
Mf = Manufacturer; SM = Special Metals; KO = Kobelco; TA = Taseto; IA = Iabco Unisco; SA = Sandvik; AM = Ampco; HA = Haynes; IM = Local and Imported
Note: Welding Consumables for other grades of Al and other Exotic Metals available on request