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Nickel Based Gas Atomized Powders for Hand Spray & Fuseweld

Brand Hardness Application
Fortecoat 9120 14-18 HRC Coating on parting lines for glass moulds
Fortecoat 9125 23-27 HRC Coating on full/part for glass moulds, pump and compressor construction
Fortecoat 9127 23-27 HRC Coating on full/part for glass moulds, pump and compressor construction
Fortecoat 9130 28-32 HRC Neckring for small glass moulds, Narrow neck Plunger
Fortecoat 9134 32-36 HRC Neckring for small/big glass moulds, pump and compressor construction

Nickel Based Gas Atomized Powders for HVOF & Plasma Spray

Brand AWS Class Hardness Application
Fortecoat 9045 Type-NiCr-B 36-40 HRC Attain wear, corrosion, erosion, heat and abrasion- resistant in the chemical, petrochemical, textile, paper and automotive industry
Fortecoat 9053 Type-NiCr-B 47-53 HRC
Fortecoat 9056 Type-NiCr-B 52-58 HRC
Fortecoat 9062 Type-NiCr-B 57-62 HRC

Cobalt Based Gas Atomized Powders (PTA, Laser, Laser Cladding & HVOF)

Brand AWS Class Type Hardness Application
Fortecoat 42001 Type – ERCoCr-C 52-58 HRC Used for pump sleeves, rotary sealrings, and wear pads, bearing sleeves, extruder screw flights
Fortecoat 42006 Type – ERCoCr-A 40-44 HRC Good impact conditions. Good impact resistance. Valve seats and gates; pump shafts and bearings, erosion shields and rolling   couples
Fortecoat 42012 Type – ERCoCr-B 47-51 HRC Widely used as cutting edge in textile, timber and plastics industries and for bearings
Fortecoat 42021 Type – ERCoCr-E 28-40 HRC Applications involving erosion, high temperatures and corrosion. Valve trim for high pressure steam, oil and petrochemical
Fortecoat 42000F Type – ERCoCr-F 42-46 HRC Used primarily for deposition on closing face of poppet valves for internal combustion engines

Gas Atomized Additive Manufacturing (AM) Powders (LPBF, EBPBF and DED)

Brand Alloy Type Application
PURESPHERE 43055 PURESPHERE 43024 PURESPHERE 43075 Cobalt – based powders for dental restoration Crowns, Bridges, Partial Dentures, Small tooth-supported frames
PURESPHERE 43024 Nickel – based powders for dental restoration
Inconel 718
Inconel 625
Hastelloy X
Nickel Super Alloy Powders Turbine Blades, Turbine Discs, Turbochargers, Melt Processing, Casting of Blades
Pure Cu, OFHC Cu
CuSn binary
Copper and Copper-alloy Powders Automotive industry to manufacture a variety of vehicle parts, Thermal management devices
AlSi10Mg Aluminium Alloy Powders Aerospace & automotive, housings, ductwork, production tools, and engine parts
Ti- 6Al-4V Grade 5
Ti- 6Al-4V Grade 23
Titanium alloy Powders Aircraft ducting, hydraulic, tubing, Airframe components,
Automotive components, Ballistic Armor, Gas turbine engine components, Landing gear components, Navy ship components,
Hydrocarbon production / drilling, Space vehicles / structures, missile components
Medical implants / devices, surgical instruments, Airframe components, Ballistic armour, Space vehicles / structures, missile components
Co-6, Co-21 CoCrMo/F75 CoCrWMo Dental Cobalt alloy powders Gas turbines, Orthopaedic implants, , Components for aircraft engines and components for engine construction Dental implants Special Dental Applications

Tungsten Carbide Powders (PTA, Laser Cladding & HVOF)

Grade Industry Application
WC + NiCrBSi Process, Chemical, Foundry, Engineering, Oil & Gas Runners, Wear Parts, Landing Gear, Valves etc.
Tungsten Carbide
Chromium Powder (88:12)
Tungsten Cobalt Chromium (86:10:4)
Hydel, Engineering, Steel, Mining, Oil & Gas, Aviation etc.