Special Metals

Special Metals Welding Consumables
Weldwell Speciality import, stock and sell Special Metals Welding Products (INCONEL) throughout the country across all segments of the Industry in India. We, also arrange Direct Import Offers to selected customers. Special Metals has the complete range of high nickel alloy welding consumables available on the market including those for the joining dissimilar metals and the welding and repair of cast iron. It is acknowledged as the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of wrought nickel alloys and nickel welding consumables.

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Nickel Alloys – Welding Filler Metals SAW
Nickel Alloys – Welding Filler Metals GMAW
Nickel Alloys – Welding Filler Metals GTAW
Nickel Alloys – Others FLUX
Nickel Alloys – Others STRIP
Nickel Alloys – Others FCAW
Nickel Alloys – Welding Electrodes SMAW
Nickel and Cobalt Brazing Powders and Pastes
FastMig X – A New Standard of Professional Excellence