Welding Positioner
Welding Positioner
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Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

Item Code: Weldwell DC-30 Positioner

Welding Positioners are mainly used to manipulate and position the Jobs, independent of operator’s skill. Once the job is loaded it can be manipulated conveniently to complete all the welding operations in down hand position. This reduces handling time and frequent use of crane. Positioners can be conveniently used for complete circumferential welding, strip cladding, for down hand position welding, to set the job conveniently for easy accessibility to intricate assemblies etc. Along with welding manipulator, a positioner can carry out any welding tasks which are impossible otherwise.


Model DC-30
Power Input AC220V 50HZ
Drive Motor DC110V 60W
Rated Load 30Kg
Diameter of Table 310mm
Height of Table 380mm
Tilting Angle 0-90°
Rotate Speed 1-15r/min
Center Hole Diameter 25mm
Net Weight 28Kg