Water cooling unit
Water cooling unit
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Water Cooling Unit

Water cooling unit

Key Features

  • The water cooler is suitable for most welding applications upto 500A for MIG welding and 350A for TIG welding, and resistance welding upto 45kva and the plasma cutting machine
  • Light weight, small size, convenient to operate
  • Water storage tank is integral formed with high-temperature materials, which can avoid leaking
  • Adopting the copper valve pressure water pump to avoid the water scale after a long time use
  • Can learn the water level by checking the transparent water level windows
  • Water-feeding is convenient
  • Good cooling performance
  • Euro Quick Connector is optional


Model Weldwell BT-10
 Input voltage  AC 220V
 Rated Power  115W
 Rated water flow  3L/min
 Rated water capacity  10L
 Rated lift  30meter
 Dimension(mm)  565x325x385
 Weight  20kg