FORTECOAT Flame Spraying (Spray-fuse) Powders
FORTECOAT Flame Spraying (Spray-fuse) Powders
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FORTECOAT Flame Spraying (Spray-fuse) Powders

FORTECOAT Flame Spraying (Spray-fuse) Powders

Oxy-acetylene flame projects semi molten powders towards the base metal. Particles sprayed at high speed and form mechanical bonds. Consequent step is heating with a fusing torch.

Nickel Based Powders
Product Code Hardness Alloy Composition
9033 30-35 HRC Ni Cr8 B1.5 Si3.6 C0.32 Fe2.6
9045 36-40 HRC Ni Cr10.3 B2 Si3.2 C0.38 Fe2.4
9053 47-53 HRC Ni Cr12.5 B2.3 Si3.3 C0.5 Fe3.9
9056 52-58 HRC Ni Cr13.5 B2.8 Si4 C0.55 Fe3.9
9062 57-62 HRC Ni Cr15.5 B2.9 Si4.3 C0.7 Fe4.2
9457 55-60 HRC Ni Cr16 B3.2 Si4.0 C0.55 Fe2.7 Mo3 Cu3
WC-Ni Alloy Matrix Powder for Flame Spray
Product Code Nickel Matrix WC
15235 60 HRC powder 65% WC-8Ni 35%
15135 60 HRC powder 65% WC-12Co 35%
15120 60 HRC powder 80% WC-12Co 20%

*Other or customer specific blends are available.

  • Partical size
    36 – 106 µm
    45 – 106 µm
    45 – 125 µm
  • Applications

Flame spray process is easily applied to cylindirical parts like plungers.

  • Documents
ForteCoat thermal spray powders for glass moulds industry brochure PDF icon
ForteCoat thermal spray powders general brochure PDF icon