Copper & Copper Alloys GTAW
Copper & Copper Alloys GTAW
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Copper & Copper Alloys GTAW

Copper & Copper Alloys GTAW

Brand: AMPCO

Recommended Application

ER Cu COPR-TRODE Welding of pure Copper
ER Cu Si-A SIL-TRODE Copper, Silicon and Copper / Zinc alloys to themselves and to steel
ER CuAl-A1 AMPCO-TRODE 7 Weld deposits are used primarily to overlay bearing and wear resistant surfaces requiring hardness of approximately 125 BHN and to resist corrosion.
ER Cu Al-A2 AMPVO-TRODE 10 Versatile Aluminium Bronze filler metal to join similar and dissimilar metals and for overlay
ER CuAl-A3 AMPCO-TRODE 150 Welding of piston overlay applications and bearing surfaces requiring high strength and good ductility.
ER Cu Mn Ni Al AMPCO-TRODE 40 Welding of cast ship propeller requiring resistance to corrosion, erosion and cavitations. Also used for welding of dissimilar metals.
ER Cu Ni Al AMPCO-TRODE 46 Welding of cast and wrought Nickel-Aluminum bronze.
ER CuSnA PHOS-TRODE C Welding of Bronze, Brass and Copper.
R CuAl-C AMPCO-TRODE 200 9% Al Bronze for bearing overlays where extreme wear and high pressures are encountered in service.
R CuAl-D AMPCO-TRODE 250 Weld deposit of 250 BHN for applications where unusual wear-resistant qualities increase service life of wearing parts.
R CuAl-E AMPCO-TRODE 300 14% Al Bronze deliver 364 BHN for surfacing of dies for highest resistance from scratching and galling