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About Us

Weldwell is a reputed and versatile welding technology solution provider to Indian industry with more than three decades of experience. Founded in 1992, by welding technology expert, Mr Chander Bhushan Girotra, Weldwell Speciality Pvt. Ltd. and Nivek Agencies have earned a name as a reputed and trusted supplier that meets the special and specific needs of the Indian welding industry.

The Company operates through the three verticals of Welding Consumables, Thermal Spray Powders, Cutting and Welding Equipment, managed by a group of highly technically qualified personnel, committed to serve customers to full satisfaction.

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Our Products


    Carbon steel, Low Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hyper Duplex, Non-Purging TIG wire, Copper & Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Aluminum Alloys, Cobalt, Nickel Based Alloy

  • Thermal Spray Products & Additive Manufacturing Powder

    Nickel based Gas Automized powders for Hand spray & Fuseweld, Nickel based Gas Automized powders for HVOF & Plasma Spray, Cobalt based Gas Automized powder(PTA, Laser, Lasercladding&HVOF), Gas automized Additive Mfg, Tungsten Carbide powders


    SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, Plasma cutting, Spare parts, Purging accessories


    Weld Conusmable inserts, Backing Tape, Solar Flux, Tungstn electrode Grinder, Purging accessories, Welding curtains

Knowledge Spectrum

Weldwell Spectrum is published as a Newsletter and a Blog.

October - December - Volume 30 Issue 4

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