Nickel Alloys - Welding Electrodes SMAW
Nickel Alloys – Welding Electrodes SMAW
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Nickel Alloys – Welding Electrodes SMAW

Nickel Alloys – Welding Electrodes SMAW


Recommended Application

Special Metals
E Ni-1 NICKEL 141 Welding of pure Nickel and steel to Nickel alloys
E Ni Cu-7 MONEL 190 Welding Monel 400 to low alloys, Copper and Copper-Nickel alloys to steel
ECuNi MONEL 187 Welding of 70:30 grades of wrought and cast Copper-Nickel alloys
ENiCrFe-2 INCOWELD-A Welding of Incoloy 800 and 800HT, dissimilar steels and Nickel alloys
ENiCrFe-3 INCONEL-182 Welding of alloy 600 and 601, 800, 800 HT and dissimilar combinations
E NiCrM0-3 INCONEL 112 Welding alloy 625, Heat Resistant Alloys and Cladding of Steel
E NiCrMo-4 INCO WELD C276 Welding of alloy C276 used for oxidizing and corrosive resistance
E NiCrMo-7 HASTELLOY C-4 Welding of C-4 alloy and cladding of carbon and stainless steels
E NiCrMo-10 INCONEL 122 Welding of Inconel alloy 22,622 and 625, 25-6MO, 800HT and others
E-NiCr-Mo-14 INCONEL 686 CPT Welding alloy 686, duplex, super duplex, super austenitic and Nickel alloys
E NiCrMo-17 HASTELLOY C-2000 Welding of C-2000 alloy and dissimilar nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys
ENiCrCoMo-1 INCONEL-117 Welding of alloy 617, 800H, 800HT 803, HP45 for application up to 1050°C.
E NiCrFe-7 INCONEL 152 Welding of Alloy 690 and dissimilar low alloy to stainless steel
E NiCrFe-7 INCONEL 152M Contains B and Zr for improved “ductility dip cracking”
HAYNES 25 For overlay Alloy L605 deposit