FastMig X - A New Standard of Professional Excellence

If you want to be on top of your game, want to be the best in what you do, you need to have technological edge that guarantees your professional excellence. With FastMig X, Kemppi presents you a new black series of highest-class pulse welding solutions for demanding industrial applications.

FastMig X

The world’s leading arc welding equipment manufacturer Kemppi Oy. Finland, has introduced FastMig X power source series designed for high quality welding and professional use. FastMig X is the next generation welding excellence where FAST indicates ‘Formula Arc System Technology’.

FastMig X is not a standard machine but a multipurpose welding solution. It is a flexible setup of high-quality components, selected to precisely match with customer welding needs. It is assembled for the perfect setup for high-quality pulse welding that saves energy, time and money. The key components are:

  • Special processes
  • Welding management software
  • Welding programs and functions
  • Special tools

The power sources
The FastMig X 450 and FastMig X 350MV are multi-process CC/CV power sources, representing the most efficient and high-quality power source
technology available in the market.

The wire feeders
One can choose wire feeder model optimized for sheet welding or other specialised fabrication job.

The software
For FastMig X systems there are Wise™ and Match™ software solutions that further increase welding performance in specific applications.

Welding quality
Kemppi’s FastMig X features three alternative high-end configuration recommendations for three different purposes: FastMig X Regular for robust
workshop use – a MIG/MAG pulse welding, mainly for welding thick plates, FastMig X Pipe for pipe and root welding and FastMig X Intelligent for demanding welding applications, for all metals and processes, including welding of thin sheets. FastMig X offers the best alternative overcoming the
drawbacks of TIG welding and Plasma transferred arc welding with powder due to slow deposition rate.

There are certain distinct benefits while using FastMig X. They are

  • FastMig X is five times faster than TIG process
  • Outstanding durability. FastMig X is built to last
  • Welding quality control is achieved through arc quality

In the field of high-quality multi-process welding, whatever your needs may be, FastMig X is what you are looking for. FastMig X is not one standard machine. It’s a flexible setup of high-quality components, always selected to precisely match your welding needs.